Daniel Garnier-Moiroux

Picture of the author in the Catacombs of Paris

Engineer by trade, and by heart, I've been designing, developing and deploying software for many years. I have contributed to interesting and valuable projects in e-commerce, railway planning and fleet management, firefighter dispatch. I have mostly worked on full-stack projects, with a web client and a backend, either monolithic or micro-service-y.

As a software engineer, I love continuously delivering business value. I believe in the values behind lean product management, user centered design and, of course, agile (small-a agile). I am currently an extreme progamming practitioner at Pivotal Labs, where we strive to implement CI/CD, TDD and pair-programming.

In addition to teaching by pair-programming, I also teach Computer Science to engineering students at Mines Paristech. Example courses are "CS 101 with Java", "Techniques and tools of software testing" and "Agility: Processes and techniques for software development".

You can find me on the Internetz:

Tech skills

Mostly doing full-stack web development, both backend and frontend, deploying happy little microservices in the cloud.

Programming languages

  • Kotlin
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • Java
  • Python
  • Golang
  • C#

Notable frameworks

  • Spring (Boot, Data, Cloud)
  • Lots of Angular
  • Node
  • d3js
  • Some React and Vue
  • A few progressive web apps (PWA)

Other stuff I frequently use

  • Databases mostly SQL (think Postgres, MySQL, etc)
  • CI/CD with Concourse & Gitlab CI
  • Docker
  • kubernetes and cloud foundry

Things I have dabbled with

  • Languages: Ruby, NodeJS, Scala
  • Frameworks: .NET WebMvc, Polymer JS
  • Tools: bash, vim, git, nginx