Contributing to open source

In my spare time, I contribute to some open source projects, either tools I use or projects I’m interested in. It started by fixing bugs in tools or libs I used ; and I grew attached to some of the projects. If you want some help to start contributing, but you don’t know where to start, feel free to ping me. I’d be glad to give you a hand. Also, you could be interested in Hackergarten meetups Here is a short list of my contributions:

A node library, to register aliases of directories, and use custom module paths. This avoids horrible import paths that look like ../../../../../some/very/deeply/nested/module and have something like `@deep/module` instead. I'm one of the maintainers.
A simple tool that tracks the identity of both people working in a pair when they make some git commits. It does so by leveraging both the git author and the git committer. I've contributed to make the experience better when trying to use "Co-authored-by", reducing the possible failures and having more helpful error messages when failing. I've also simplified testing for developers.
Riff is for functions ! riff is an Open Source platform for building and running Functions, Applications, and Containers on Kubernetes. I've contributed to the node function invoker, and to the gateway that ingests HTTP requests. I've done some refactoring and added a few tests.
Pivotal workstation setup
This project automates the process of setting up a new Pivotal machine using a simple Bash script. I've fixed a few things here and there.
Postfacto helps teams run great retrospectives remotely. I've helped with deployment scripts.