Sit down and do stuff

13 / 10 / 2022  •  Daniel Garnier-Moiroux

I have such a hard time sitting down and actually doing stuff. By doing stuf, I mean achieving something a bit “productive”. Write a blog post, write some code, explore some technology, learn about a topic, play a musical instrument, whatever.

I have the impression that in order to do anything meaningful, I need a large chunck of uninterrupted time. First, because I need some amount of time to warm up to the activity, stop goofing about and being distracted by shiny objects. And then, once I’ve reached some sort of “flow” state, I will have a hard time stopping, I’ll be high on adrenaline and will definitely have a difficult time turnig off. Maybe it’ll be uncomfortable because I’ll have to run to the next thing I’m supposed to do. Maybe I’ll resist going to bed because I’m making progress, and when I do go to bed I’ll toss and turn with a head full of thoughts and ideas bouncing around.

I’m also afraid of getting interrupted - that happens a lot with a 3-year old jumping around. And then it means I would have wasted the warm up time.

So instead, I procrastinate on my phone or my computer for two hours, resist going to bed. There is so much I could do before I go to bed (but I’m not doing it). I just feel bad about it.

Maybe the warm-up time is a bit of fallacy that I could get out of? Or, even if it exist, it’s not that big of a problem, I do not need the flow state to accomplish something, enough to feel good about it.

There are a lot of appealing things to do out there. Sticking to one or two, being passionate about them, could probably help silence the procrastinating monkey in my head.

So yeah, let’s try this “writing” thing. Again.